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Ultimate Boob Wars!! Overview Among the various titles that MangaGamer has in their line-up, many of their titles are adult oriented. Of these titles there are eroge visual novels which tend to focus more on providing players with a storyline and nukige visual novels where the story usually takes a back seat to the action happening between the main character and the girls in the game.

As such, does Ultimate Boob Wars!! However the story for these titles do not connect in the slightest, though the theme between the games remains the same. Anyways, the story of Ultimate Boob Wars!! On the western side of the continent the Kingdom of Piequartz is occupied by the Big Breast Tribe who take pride in their strength and skills while the eastern side is controlled by the Serpettane Kingdom, a nation of the Flat Chest Tribe that takes pride in boob wars game knowledge and skill with magic.

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The kingdoms are ed by the Chest Flatlands and every ten years these nations together to hold a celebration together to reaffirm their friendship. However one year when these deities were summoned, they began a terrible battle with one another and split the land asunder, causing a giant rift between the nations in what has been called the Tittynomachia. With both nations believing the other side was in the wrong, a brutal hatred began growing between the nations. After many years of silence and the deities no longer responding to their prayers, the nations have been ed once again and the great boob wars have begun with no end in sight.

Players take on the role of a traveling swordsman Haruto.

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Thanks to his traveling lifestyle and upbringing, Haruto holds no ill-will for any breast size and loves all breasts equally. You see Boweene and Petan have returned and have given Haruto the task of becoming the savior that will end the war and bring peace to Bustchest and the only way to do it is to gather enough boob energy to accomplish the task. After being introduced to the six main heroines in the game it is then up to the player to choose what path they wish to follow.

I say choose, but the decisions made in Ultimate Boob Wars!!

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With six different girls to choose from, and a couple of side characters that the player can also interact with, there is a little something for everyone as each girl has a certain trait to them and a different ending. The story for each girl may be a bit simplistic but they are explored more than your average nukige title and although every interaction ends up revolving around some form of sex, there is some of progression in their little arcs, almost always culminating in a happy ending with the chosen heroine or faction.

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It is funny to note that almost every area, outside of the strongholds of each nation, are named after various breast related terms such as Washboard Village and Barely-There Village on the Serpettane side of the continent and Grand Decolletage on the Piequartz side and the Cleave Field separating the two.

Breast puns and various nick-names for boob sizes run rampant in Ultimate Boob Wars!! It is worth noting that a lot of the humor is tongue-in-cheek and meant to be taken as light-hearted. Gameplay As one would expect with a visual novel, there is no real gameplay to be had outside of reading the text on the screen and making a few choices here and there.

Unlike its predecessor, there is no card combat in Ultimate Boob Wars!! As mentioned above, while Ultimate Boob Wars!! This means that the game mostly involves a whole lot of sex with the characters they are interacting with. Players are given nineteen turns to work with, though boob wars game of turns are used at the start of the game to introduce all of the main heroines to the player and as they select a girl to interact with on any given day, their story will advance and it is also possible to unlock side characters by interacting with certain girls.

Now as for that interaction with the girls… the game is bursting with content in that regard. Where your average visual novel may have a few scenes and a nukige will have a few for each girl, Ultimate Boob Wars!!

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As for the sex scenes themselves, they are well presented and actually have an element that caught me by surprise the first time it appeared which I will discuss momentarily. As for the actual structure of the game, the translation seems to be very adequate and it is clear that MangaGamer had a lot of fun translating all of the boob names and breast jokes into English, including a highlight where the two breast deities are singing a song about titties of different sizes. Visuals Now as I mentioned earlier there was one thing that caught my eye during the erotic scenes in Ultimate Boob Wars!!

This means that while a still CG is presented at the start of the scene and at the end, the middle of the scene often features a moving image of the scene boob wars game the player is able to zoom in, adjust the camera angle or set the camera to switch at will as the scene progresses. As for the actual visuals in the game, every sex scene in Ultimate Boob Wars!! The characters are rather simply deed for a game such as this, though their in-scene faces are nicely detailed with erotic expressions and a nice attention to detail on certain pieces of clothing as well as on their bodies when it comes to sweat and other fluids.

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Audio Although relatively standard, it is a nice plus that Ultimate Boob Wars!! As far as background music is concerned, it is largely forgettable though the player can choose to listen to a theme they like at the main menu.

Overall Boob wars game Boob Wars!! The story may not be the strongest point in the game but it is nice that there is a ludicrous set up to fit with the goal that the player has in the game. It is almost refreshing to see a game so unabashed to clearly present its goal like Ultimate Boob Wars!! Capsule Computers review guidelines can be found here. Remember Me. Please username or address. You will receive a link to create a new password via. Travis Bruno. After playing games since a young age and getting into anime a bit later on its been time to write about a little bit of everything.

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Ultimate Boob Wars Limited Edition DVD-ROM Game (Windows)