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As was foretold, we've added advertisements to the forums! I'm an English teacher and for an upcoming unit I'll be focusing on 'Rites of Passage' narratives, especially those that explore the transition to adulthood. In our scope and sequence there's a call to focus on multimedia and visual texts: my class of teenage boys has been pretty good this term so I'd like to push forward with something new and engaging for them and look at a videogame or two, if I can find some. I'm looking for games that explore this as a primary theme.

I'm searching my head and not coming up with much. Passage comes to mind: indie games like this are optimal because often the mechanics are part of the discussion about how ideas are represented, rather than coming of age game a shooter or an adventure game with a coming-of-age element to the cinematics.

Can anyone else think of anything that might fit the bill? September Off hand, The Witcher 3 is entirely about a parent's perspective and letting go of as they come into their own. There is a lot of scholarly criticism about it especially due to how the mechanics of the game change based upon your decisions as a parent in how much freedom and responsibility you allow Ciri to have. Aldo Hippo Hooray Registered User regular. Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons comes to mind. It is all about growing up and learning to stand on your own.

Gone Home for sure. Enc wrote: ». WordLust Registered User regular. September edited September If we're talking strict classic bildungsroman, I think Gone Home is perhaps missing a few elements, though it was several years ago that I played it, so I might not be remembering it very clearly. Not sure how mature you want this to be, but Broken Age kinda meets a lot of the bildungsroman tropes.

However, the treatment of all of these themes is extremely light, so I don't know how well it would work for an in-depth classroom discussion. Psychonauts by the same studio also has bildungsroman elements. But once again, the bildungsroman elements are very light, so not sure it makes for a good classroom discussion in that respect. But again, there probably isn't anything super substantial in there for a great discussion. I think Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is a pretty strong recommendation, and it might even make for better discussion since there is no actual texteverything in the story is sort of emoted or implied through behavior.

That could make for good conversation as everyone discusses how they interpreted in any given situation what each brother was going through and how each brother changed based on observed behavior. For example, if you haven't played the game, the younger of the two brothers begins very immature, can barely focus on the task at hand because he just wants to play games and pranks all the time. He just wants everything to be playtime, basically. The older brother starts off in that awkward adolescent place of still being young but trying coming of age game assert one's self as an adult.

WordLust on September Xaquin Right behind you!

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Registered User regular. Child of Light maybe? Satan's Wish List!!!! CelestialBadger Registered User regular.

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Life is Strange. I would recommend Never Alone! There's narration rather than dialogue, but overall I really enjoyed this game. EarthBound actually does integrate a bit of the coming of age themes into the actual mechanics, like Ness' random homesickness or how his father works away from the family to provide for your journey. Mr Khan wrote: ». BouwsT Wanna come to a super soft birthday party?

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Brother's was an epic and hits right in the feels. Also, very appropriate classroom length, I would think. Great ideas! Brothers will be high on the list though: we'll probably also watch Stand By Me and it'll link very nicely. Terrendos Decorative Monocle Registered User regular. Ocarina of Time has a literal representation of coming of age by becoming an adult.

It does have that whole issue with not knowing the thoughts of the silent protagonist though. Norgoth cardiff Registered User regular. Fair warning, Brothers has a fairly sad ending.

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That might if anything, might make it actually better for this. Horror Short stories and other associated writing. Astaereth In the belly of the beast Registered User regular. Oxenfree is a pretty good game with minimal gameplay to get in the way of the narrative about a group of teens who have to confront their past and learn how to make their own choices while spending the night on an apparently haunted island. It's really well done and the way the game focuses on how little choices and your general attitude towards others add up to big decisions in the way you deal with problems and relate to people seems like it would make the game a great fit for your class.

Duffel jacobkosh Registered User regular. WordLust wrote: ». EmperorSeth Registered User regular.

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Don't all of the Pokemon games qualify? Also, it's pretty much omnipresent now, but Undertale works. You know what? Nanowrimo's cancelled on of the world is stupid. Cantido Registered User regular. Persona 4. But not the anime, and not if the player chooses to be a marty stu slut. Otherwise its about a boy becoming a man-among-boys. The main character's relationships reward him with power, not the other way around. Cantido on September Not that I think they're without merit, they're just not quite right for how I envision sharing with the class.

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WiseManTobes Registered User regular. Thomas was Alone could work tangentially kinda, it's more about coming to terms with existence itself, but hits a lot of similar notes. Is a shortish platformer that can be completed in a couple hours also.

Battlenet:Wisemantobes Kyougu Registered User regular. Its a stretch, but the Uncharted series sees Nate really grow into adulthood, realizing that it doesn't mean it has to be boring, or you have to ditch your love behind. Caedwyr Registered User regular. Xaquin wrote: ». Caedwyr on September ChopperDave Registered User regular. Walking Dead Season II plays out as a coming of age for Clementine, and it's themes ruminate on family and loss of innocence. It's quite a dark story, though, and the content is probably prohibitive. Definitely think the Mother series is the closest to fitting the bill, particularly Mother 3.

The World Ends With You sort of works. Neku's arc involves growing up from a self-centered, asocial teenager and caring more about the people around him. The game also has some interesting things to say about how teenagers try on many different clothes and looks as they grow into their own personalities. I'm thinking coming of age game Shiki's arc in particular here. ChopperDave on September Oh, I have a good example, though it is pretty obscure. Fragile Dreams for the Wii. A story about a kid wandering through post-apocalyptic Tokyo after nearly entire everyone on Earth died.

It has RPG elements but is generally defined as a survival horror game. That said, it's not really scary as much as lonely, a "survival melancholy" if you will.

Coming of age game

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