Cure my addiction game

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Finally, they come to the conclusion to send you on your Uncle yacht without a phone, TV and computer. Apparently few years ago he becomes a millionaire and live a luxurious life since then. Chloe was adopted a few months after my uncle married Rachel. How will you achieve your goal? This will be a detailed changelog. Unless you think you have a bug. It felt like a good opportunity for trying something new. I struggled with the idea of how to implement this update while staying fair to everyone.

Patch should be ready for tomorrow or the following day. Additionally, the new update has: 4 different endings for island week depending on what you did during the week.

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Several smaller changes and additions Including fix for impossible stars. Added back a reworked version of the character info window. Fixed a few minor bugs. Fixed a bug that allowed the post-island dreams to be available before the event was completed. Patch note:. Fixed reported bugs. Added Exhibition and Corruption talks to reflect the current state of the game.

Added a warning when trying to skip time while Linda is waiting for a threesome in the bathroom. The button is disabled in the afternoon on a day with a chores check. It will cure my addiction game the event to be fully completed. Added it to the dream list for the players who missed it. In some rare cases the total progression percentage did not update properly. It has been fixed. Its missing the percentage indicator for each character, it will be added soon. Office content: This content is mostly linear and introduces you to what is planned for this chapter. During the 3 days, you will spend at the new location, there will be a few night events, they have different outcomes possible.

The game starts just after the end of the second chapter download post. Chapter 3 Ch. Added an event with Sophie Added an event with Sophie and Charlotte Added an event for Rachel, this event has 2 scenes possible.

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Added a series of talks regarding Uncle and the family. Contract negotiations are back in a new, simplified version Enabled representatives call not much use right now, but it gives you a preview of their personalities. Improved some transitions with the guest mechanic. Fixed reported bugs and typos. Multiples clothes, actions, ending,… 1 Amy, big interactive scene with many animations.

Multiples clothes, actions, ending,…. Patch B When doing the story in a specific order it was impossible to progress. Fixed a crash. Images Changelogs.

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Cure my addiction game

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Cure My Addiction [Chapter 4 Episode 3b]