Force one adult games

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By Rachelle Shuttlesworth. Growing up, my family and I used to play games almost every night at dinner. While I loved it as a kid, I needed a long break from game nights before I got back into them as an adult. Now, game night has taken on a new meaning. We warned you!

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Was Trivia Night at your local bar the highlight of your week? Bring the fun home with Smart Assa game where you have to shout out the answer to each who, what, or where question first to win the round. Sort of like Jeopardy without the manners. What Do You Meme is our favorite easy game to play with friends and a couple of bottles of wine or tequila cocktails!

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The great thing about Twister is that it is just as appropriate at an eight-year-old birthday party as at a grown-up party. This all-rounder game is played in teams and forces players to use different kinds of creative intelligence—hence the name. Cranium is a game for all ages, too! Want to get to know your friends better? From naming celebrities to singing, to silly accents, He Up is sure to bring a ton of laughs. Only serious game players allowed! There are two spymasters and each spymaster is trying to get their team to guess which word or picture cards are theirs by only saying one very strategic word.

Codenames is a word game that will force you to really use your brain, but it feels so good when you win!

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I recently played this game on vacation and it was way more fun than I remembered it helps that I kept winning! Catch Phrase is definitely an oldie, but a goodie. This fast-paced game will give you a little insight into how your friends or family think under pressure! Smart Ass sounds fun! I love playing Cards Against Humanity. You really get to know someone playing that game. Rachelle Shuttlesworth.

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Force one adult games

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