Gf training game

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Aug 1, Overview : Spoiler: About the game You don't have permission to view the spoiler content. Log in or register now. Spoiler You don't have permission to view the spoiler content. Spoiler: Changelog last update Last edited: Dec 28, Reactions: KagekoInkosetter6neverending0 and 13 others. Apr 23, 5 2. Any luck so far with the rest of the translation? Reactions: Magdragonminamin and Traumwen. Haruakino Newbie. Apr 7, 38 3. Tie4me New Member. Mar 30, 1 0. Translation link? Mar 1, Is there any news on this? Reactions: Poknock.

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I got an error in Sirona's scene, when is about to start the game crashes I hope it doesn't happen in the translated version Btw Any progress? I really Thankfully for use your time to traslate this game. May 25, Good work, dude!

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Hope you keep working on it. Feb 16, 2 0. How is the progress so far and where can I find the download link?

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Sorgath Newbie. Jan 15, 45 Im wondering about the download link aswellcant see any or am i just blind. Kurosakidude New Member. Aug 17, 2 0. No download link, is the project dead? Kurosakidude said:. Reactions: Some someslutseelerTheUnforeseenMessenger and 4 others. StoneM said:. It's very much alive. Last edited: Dec 27, I Cry. Reactions: Some some. Bladerain New Member. Apr 10, 6 3. Is this still alive? I sure hope project is still alivei want to play this. Poknock New Member. Jul 3, 5 Ks Newbie.

Mar 16, 20 8. Show hidden low quality content.

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