Kissing and sex games

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Up! Of course, before that, there was the og no-kissing rule in Pretty Woman. In fact, did you know that most people can tell from the first kiss if they will have chemistry? No wonder, most of our sex sesh consists of kissing the fuck out of each other passionately wait for the kissing games! And while just lip-locking in itself makes you feel so darn good, how about taking it to the next level?

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But I suggest a few kissing games that you can play with your bae and spice things a bit. These come packed with anticipation, mystery, and lots of kink.

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Here are 5 kissing games you can try. In this game, one person will blindfold the other and then kiss the way they enjoy. The receiver will then rate the kiss and see if they like it too. Then you switch positions and repeat the same thing.

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It is not just sexy but Dr. Liz Powell, a psychologist, author, and speaker at Sex-Positive Psych tells RedBook that it can help couples exchange ideas and show each other what they like. Laura Deitsch, a d clinical counselor, and resident sexologist at Be Vibrant suggested a kissing game to RedBook that can work very well as foreplay.

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One person has to lie down and the other will start kissing them on their toes and going up. Your partner will caress and kiss your entire body, while playfully tickling and arousing you. And guess what your role is? The bonus?

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Switch roles and see who could stay still for long. That person gets to pick the first sex position! Invest in a pair of Dirty Dice and see where they take you. You will get several crazy combinations that will make things interesting. Kisses and other things — just be prepared to be surprised! In this game, you have to try kissing for as long as you can with your eyes open. Wait, scratch that. You are not actually kissing. But your lips will touch just oh-so-gently. This game can increase your anticipation and also bring you closer as a couple.

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Kissing and sex games

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10 Kissing Games And Makeout Challenges All Couples Need