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This Star Treak mock adult cartoon video with Charlie Star date has Willian Shitner taking a shit and a dude jacking off. The butt borge ship transports Charlie over mostly naked and passed out. She is partly borgue with one robotic boob and her pussy is moving and show has a robotic piece one one of her eyes.

From behind she looks like she is wearing a space suit but from the front she looks naked but later in the video she will be wearing an entire sexy spacesuit. There are then three ships you can select. You find out that the pussy pockets are dormant until sexually activated when they multiply until they are one big pussy. There are three more objects to select. Charlie uses it in her ass while she masturbates.

The 2 one on the right will show the gay Romulan going to the homo-deck similar to the hologram room where he sounds like he is having a good time and walks out suspiciously. Three objects appear one last time. This time the 1 one will shows William Shitner beaming him down to a surface naked then as his clothes are suppose to be beamed down, he is beamed directly to the pussy pocket. The 3 one on the bottom left will show an advertisement for the queer bot with a dildo for penetration and a butt hole for pounding. It also has a flat top to hold drinks and has a reach around hand add on.

They probe the tip of the ship into the butthole of the borge ass ship and pull out and cum on it and it explodes and the pussy pocket returns everyone and returns to regular size. You can then return to the intro masturbation flash game any of the scene selection screens. For the first option 1, you see Charlie licking his giant blue monster dick while he has a super happy face.

For option 2, you see him pounding Charlie doggy style off the bed, and for option 3 you see him pounding her missionary and rubbing her boob. For the second option 1, you see Charlie masturbating with a toy, for option 2 she is masturbating with masturbation flash game cucumber, for option 3 Sully eats her pussy while she plays with her boob. Hillary and Bill Clinton are in this video. Sully, Mike, and Charlie go into their bedroom and for the final option 1 there is a clip of Hillary masturbating on the bed while Bill fucks Charlie standing up from behind and orgasms inside her. For option 2, Bill is jacking off and playing with his nipple while Charlie and Hillary lesbian Option 3 shows a clip of Hillary masturbating on the bed and Bill fucking Charlie in a different position then switching to humping Hillary doggy style and cumming inside her.

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For more video series collaborations on dqiucun visit the video and game series. Option 2 shows him showing a thermometer in her pussy. Option 3 shows Charlie taking a puff off the t, the dude pulling masturbation flash game his pants and his pierced dick being limp. After a strange clip of a dude sucking his own cock and a dude with super big saggy blue balls, Charlie sucks his dick and he juices for option 1, she masturbates with a toy in front of him making his balls grow super big and instead of juicing, they simply explode like a water balloon.

Option 3 shows him fucking her doggy style and juicing. Option 2 shows him fucking Charlie doggy style. The first option 1 shows Sharon sucking Dr. Option three shows Dr. This video references the Hairy Thing Live video with Charlie. Phil jacks off in the background. Option 2 shows Charlie sucking Dr. Option 3 shows Charlie lesbian fucking Sharon Osbourne with a strap on dildo. The final option 1 shows Ozzy fucking his wife Sharon doggy style while Charlie uses a toy.

Option 2 shows a different position of Ozzy fucking Sharon Doggy style then he jumps over to fuck Charlie. For more Anchor Text visit the home. Strange video with Charlie and two gay men and a trashy sports enthusiast. Option 2 shows him fucking her ass doggy style. This video is slightly annoying with the music every time you click on an option. The second option screen option 1 shows Charlie sucking the sports enthusiasts dick while he lays passed out on the floor. Option 2 shows Charlie riding the passed out sports enthusiast.

The final option screen shows the dude eating out charlie sitting on the couch for option 1. Then for option 2 you can back hand or bitch slap the gay dude with mickey mouse masturbation flash game. Each time he will say something gay. Option 3 you can do the same with the other gay guy. This video shows clips of C harlie in a couple of her other videos. Then it explains how the original charlie in It Pays Rent and many other adult cartoon videos became the new charlie with a plastic surgery makeover.

Option 2 shows him fucking her doggy style, and option 3 shows him fucking her in the ass on his desk. Chris Cockin who is also in An XXX Mass Tail is also in this video and is in love with the abominable snowman who fucked him in that video. Option 1 shows him fisting the brunette Charlie like chick with big tits. Option 2 shows him fucking her with his watch tied around his dick.

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This video is about a cartoon adult Oscar awards given for three different roles in adult cartoon films. The first award is given out for best use of midgets in adult cartoons. Then there are three options. You can watch any and all of them as many times as you would like before continuing with the rest of the video.

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Then a chick, who I believe is suppose to b e Brittney Spears also in Celebrity Jeopardy with Charliegives Charlie an award for her role in a Monsters Inc hentai clip Monsters Dink of Sully fucking her doggy style on a bed. Then there are three more options. Option 3 shows charlie eating the spokesladies pussy.

For the last scene you see Charlie sucking her trophies legs then she gets a third award for her role as Splatgirl in Splatman and Throbin which we also have on the site for your viewing pleasure. The three options this time are Charlie and the male spokesman doing 69 oral on each other for option 1. Then the two male spokesmen try to hit on the spokeslady and she denies them. The End. This video is based off Batman and Robin superhero characters. Charlie plays Splatgirl and was actually given an award for her role in this video in another one of her videos, the asscars.

This video also has Christopher Walken as the bad guy. After Charlie as Splatgirl busts in to save Splatman and Throbin, there are three options. You can view all three options in whatever order as many times as you wish before continuing. The masturbation flash game Option 1 shows Splat girl sucking Throbin while rubbing Splatman then switching to sucking Splatman while rubbing Throbin. The first option 2 shows all three individually masturbating.

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The second option 1 shows Splatman using a toy on Splatgirl. The second option three shows Splatman using a different device in her pussy with her on her side and her leg in the air. The third option two shows Charlie riding one dude while rubbing the other two and putting them all to sleep. The third option three shows double penetration and blowjob then all guys falling asleep. You can return to the intro or any of the main selection screens.

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Here is a link to another superhero hentai video …. Main menu Skip to primary content. Skip to secondary content. The 2 one on the right will show a dude fucking her to revive her. The 3 one on the bottom left will show William Shitner advertising a log splitter thong. The pussy pocket becomes one big pussy and begin eating crew members. You need to use Chrome or Brave browser and you need to install the extension, which you can do below! Then Mike comes in and Charlie wants to the Fucking team.

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The Asscars Hentai Movie This video is about a cartoon adult Oscar awards given for three different roles in adult cartoon films.

Masturbation flash game

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