Monster girl video game

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Monstrous women are nothing new to video games, and neither is being madly in love with them. I mean, come on! There really is a ghoulish girl out there for everyone these days. Never fear! A master monster fucker is here to remedy that sad fact. Read on to see what your creepy crush says about you.

Turn offs: Twunks in bulletproof vests; comprehensive healthcare systems. Turn offs: Turning down the music; literally any mention of The Architect. What she says about you: A person of taste, I see.

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Turn offs: Cold weather; any kind of bug spray; particularly plucky Chosen Undead. What she says about you: Artsy, tortured types are your Kryptonite, and a brooding smolder will get your goat every single time. You love someone who seems cold, but will open up and reveal their sad backstory just for you. This girl is a monster in more ways than one. Your collection of bulky costume jewelry is extensive, and you never go out without at least a little black in your wardrobe.

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Submit and give this bloody babe your heart, before she tears it out herself. Live fast, die young, amirite? Gothic aesthetics tickle your fancy, and you probably own more than a few ornately gilded crosses. You might be a bit of an armchair therapist, ready to assess the past trauma of all those close to you, but how else are you going to get those juicy citizen hints?

Your pain tolerance is at an all time high, and your self preservation instinct is at an all time low. Hallucinogens have probably played a ificant role in your life at one point or another. Display Name. Nurse — Silent Hill Hellooooooooo, nurse! Turn ons: Playing doctor.

Turn ons: Being nice to her sister. Turn ons: Intense, unprovoked violence; scaring children. Turn offs: Having any semblance of a moral compass.

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Desire Demon — Dragon Age: Origins This wicked temptress has offered a deal, and who are you to refuse? Turn ons: Tricking foolish mages into giving her her way.

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Turn offs: Meddling Grey Wardens. Turn ons: Blood drives. Turn offs: Talking about her brother; returning to the grave. Turn ons: Watching tortured creatives fail over and over again. Turn offs: Actors; mousetraps. Turn offs: Incendiary bullets. Ty Galiz-Rowe February 14, 4 minutes read. Catch them wondering why they still live in Colorado despite having zero hiking pics on their tinder profile.

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Monster girl video game

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What the Video Game Monster Girl of Your Dreams Says About You