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In a lot of games, autumn is an all-or-nothing aesthetic choice: either all the trees are changing or none of them are. You get all the pleasing benefits of the colors with none of the endless raking. Released this past summer, Beyond Eyes is an utterly gorgeous game that captures the very earliest stages of fall in a way few games even attempt, blending serotinal greens with the slow incursion of rusty reds.

Brothers moves through the seasons as a sort of visual metaphor for the peeping games, which is not a device exclusive to this thoughtful, steadily-paced game, but the autumn section occurring early on is absurdly beautiful. You can practically smell the freshly-picked apples and dry leaves underfoot as the two main characters set out on their adventure. Just about every Legend of Zelda game has a cool little twist to it. In Oracle of Seasons that twist is the ability to manipulate the environment between four different seasonal states in order to access different areas of the map.

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Activating autumn, for example, fills dangerous pits will piles of fallen leaves… Which definitely makes the idea of walking over them or jumping into them a lot more appealing. It calls to mind the crisp air and the rapidly baring trees, and people you still intend to avoid when your ten year reunion rolls around.

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Although Life is Strange is not necessarily a carefree story, it has a downright cozy edge compared to the dwindling warmth in the world of Bully. I hesitate to mention The Sims or Animal Crossing for that matter in a lot of my lists at this point because each game does so many different things that you could probably find a place for either on just about any list imaginable. Even the scenes without colorful trees and falling leaves often take advantage of a decidedly autumnal color palette, which makes the brighter, greener stages of the game stand out even more.

While it might not be worth dipping into this game just for some virtual leaf peeping, its lush, illustrated scenery would at the very least make for a perfect October desktop. If The Peeping games of Ethan Carter was just a pleasant rural leaf-watching vacation simulator then that would be enough.

The realization that I should have mentioned their work in every single one hit me over the head like a pumpkin hitting pavement as I was composing this.

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But oh well. The best Orisinal game to get in the fall spirit is probably The Crossinga perfectly gentle and meditative little thing where you help prancing deer across a stream in a glittering copper-colored forest. I bet you saw this one coming a mile away. Costume Quest and its recent sequel put players in the role of a group of trick-or-treating children who change costumes to change their combat abilities.

Everyone knows that Halloween is the best holiday in the autumn months maybe the best holiday, period and few games have captured the spirit of Halloween better than this charming RPG. Janine Hawkins is a games writer based in sunny Canada. You can find her written and peeping games work on HealerArcherMage.

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