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The Sashiharas, Yasushi and Mariko, are newlyweds. Her multiple orgasms, which are something Yasushi can never give her. How he reached the deepest places inside her, awaking her to that new pleasure…. I wanted to watch it because i also kinda like it but i fucking hate it when in the end the cheater does not admit her mistake. I wanna kill the person who made this game.

What should I do to fix the resolution? Even after making the game full screen, only a little window appears in the middle no change in resolution. Now excuse me, as I go through the rest of the CG hidden extras. Everything she says is a lie, and she never reveals to full truth lmao. Logically, she would have way more benefits, if she chooses her boss. I mean, he is rich, has a not so bad character, can actually satisfy her and cares about her. Her actual husband is… Well. Furthermore he has please bang my wife game tiny wiener and is a premature ejaculator.

Is there even anything good about him. I mean, the game is really well made and the sex scenes are probably the hottest I have seen in any eroge so far. Man I totally agree. Her boss was the only person I really liked in this VN. Makes me wonder if he really liked her, or just has a cucking fetish.

The wife and the lover on the last sex scene from her point of view are talking up how she loves him more than her husband and she is going to leave her him, but come the morning it is shown it was kinda like role playing and she goes home to her husband and they start to getting it while watching the video or she just shows him for him to enjoy it of last night?

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But on a contrary she tried to avoid sex with her husband as much as possible making him lust for sex for many nights. A waste of time. I have no idea why they did it this way. You can pretty much ignore the distinction, as the one consistent rule is having a spouse stolen from their partner by a 3rd party under their nose.

It just so happens that they went the less traveled route of giving the MC, wife, and 3rd party a wider range of social panache or lack thereof to work with instead of the standard scenario of sex and drugs. Sorry, this was in response to Shock, but I got kicked out of the response since I spent too much time on it and the capcha expired?

Cheating is when the woman does it of her own free will. She ends with her husband who gets off on her cheating while she keeps her boss on the side he is fine as the lover after failing to steal hear. So i kinda just skim through it but from my understanding…. But one thing got me curious. Is this NOT a nukige. Does this game actually have a story? You get references to sex with blurred images, and then 2 ificant scenes. This is to heighten the sense of NTR.

Hmm thanks for the info. Is it really NTR when the husband consents, even if he still feels jealousy? Are you Swedish too, my friend? She gives her husband a please bang my wife game present which is a video of her fucking her boss, while verbally humiliating her husband. It enraged me, and made me so horny. Lets the military industrial complex rule. They really care about democracy and freedom…. Yet some how you seem far more insecure and sad? Not even as an insult. More as a you need help.

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Please bang my wife game

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