Princess quest game

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The monitor in the hub displaying "Princess Quest", ifying access to the game. Occasionally, a grid pattern will appear on objects at the Prize Counter. To unlock "Princess Quest", the player must zoom in on one of these glitching objects. Afterwards, the screen will fade to black and fade back to the level select with everything unlocked along with "Princess Quest" shown on the right monitor.

The player starts out in a room with a door that they cannot open, and they have to light all 4 torches in the next room to open the door in that room. The player will then end up in a room full of Floating Glitchtrap He that will attack them. After lighting those torches, they can now go into the next room and get the key, and Glitchtrap Blockers will block the door, and attack if the playable character gets too close.

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Princess quest game

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Princess Quest