Sakura maid game

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The game puts the player in the role of the female protagonist named Sena, a beautiful maid who works for a woman. The protagonist is only the maid in the house and she is tasked with cleaning the entire house, but also attending the guests. According to the plot, she is the girl who is obsessed with her master and in love with him and does everything for her master. One day, she goes to water the plants and discovers that one of the plants tries to touch her and she gets curious.

After that, the protagonist decides to find out if that plant is one of the magical plants of her master.

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During the gameplay, the player needs to make choices to determine her destiny and the end of the game. The game takes place in the fictional land, and the story revolves around nine people who were kidnapped and taken to a strange location. According to the plot, nine people find themselves in a strange location forced to take part in a diabolical game. You assume the role one of nine people to find out the answer why your and other members are forced sakura maid game puts their lives in the game of life and death.

During the gameplay, you can manipulate the environment, interact with other characters and find clues to solve mind-bending puzzles to complete the level. The game becomes tough as you advanced. There are a variety of dialogues available to interact with others. Unearth the secret about the game and find out the answer how nine people reached there.

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The story takes place between two titles and revolves around nine persons who are abducted by a masked person called Zero. The kidnapped people are split into three teams and forced to play a dangerous game known as the Decision Game. The player can assume the role of three characters and can explore the land his way through the chapters full of mind-bending puzzles, deadly obstacles and moral decisions.

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Each chapter represents the minute periods to accomplish the task. During the gameplay, the player needs to interact with other people, solve puzzles, and find a way to escape to save his life.

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Sakura maid game

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Sakura Maid Series [COMPLETED]