The gym game walkthrough

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This is yet another maze. Go south-west-south-west and keep heading south until You reach the location where the next leader is. He will now return to the gym, and so shall You, but not before catching some Pokemon in the area the Pokemon village is strong in various types, so update Your line-up.

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Once in Snowbelle, head for the gym. Ready Your Fire or Rock type users, this should be fun.

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Before You challenge the leader You must first complete the puzzle. Press the pink button twice, then the blue button three times, and then the Pink one three times. Continue, press the yellow switch, and get to the green one to push it thrice. The leader awaits You. This battle should be fun, but it may also, not be.

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The only way to overpower the Ice-type, is to use Fire or Rock attacks. By now, You should have a Fire type from the Fourth gym, so take care of the leader. All logos and images are copyrighted by their respective owners. Game Guides. Games Encyclopedia. Release Dates. Game Guide.

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Pokemon Village and the final gym. Table of Contents.

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Basic Information. Glossary Which starter do I choose?

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Pokemon types Pokemon Amie. Legendary Pokemons. Ambrette Town and Route 9.

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The gym game walkthrough

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