Translated h game

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WTF am I reading x 1. Sep 6, Stats Ignoring. Uhh, so I started playing through "Seinarukana - The Spirit of Eternity Sword 2", but after 2 hours of scrolling through the dialogue, there isn't much of a game in here? There's only been 1 interactive choice and it felt fake. What I'm asking is, can more people provide more reviews for it?

Cause I'm not sure if I should keep going anymore. The story seems ok, the main character is kinda annoyingly retarded when it comes to women, does that at least change? Haba Harbinger of Decline. That's how the first game was as well. It took hours to get to the first fight. But then you did have quite a bit of fighting ever since. Siveon Bot. ed: Jul 13, Messages: 4, Translated h game 14, Stats Ignoring. Disagree x 1. ed: Jan 6, Messages: 3, Sep 18, Stats Ignoring.

I've started playing Toushin Toshi 2 a few days ago and I love the fact that I have some control over the sex scenes. Informative x 1 Friendly x 1. Xeon Augur. ed: Apr 9, Messages: 1, Oct 28, Stats Ignoring. Incest: - Dating my Daughter -- Incomplete but there is already a lot of content and gets updated once a month.

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Its like CYOA or something. Honestly not sure, most h-games are using 3d, didn't like it at first as well but some of them were pretty good so I got used to them eventually. There are other types of 3d arts as well but not sure if you'll hate them as well.

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Something Unlimitedyou play as Luther Superman and you work with villains to capture and corrupt heroines. Roundscape Adoreviagame is kinda big but its similar to Bioware so some things are kinda cringy but overall kinda good. Oct 29, Stats Ignoring. I played it about months ago I think and translated h game a decent amount of content at the time so there should be a lot more now. I put it on hold because they changed some of the earlier content and made saves incompatible. The wiki lists all the current events you'll currently will have.

Irxy Arcane. ed: Nov 13, Messages: 1, Location: Schism. Nov 9, Stats Ignoring. Almost none are finished though. Brofist x 1 decline x 1 Thanks! Jrpgfan Liturgist. ed: Feb 7, Messages: 1, Nov 26, Stats Ignoring. An all girls academy that only virgins are allowed to enroll. A private school touting feminazi ideology. An extraterritorial paradise for women, allowed by the government to bear arms, With an 'army' of girls enrolled.

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They may be exalted on a pedestal by the general public but, with backing from feminists and male violence on the rise, there is no end to newly enrolling students. On top of translated h game, there is a strict vetting process Article 3 In order to achieve the goal, this academy allows its students the right to bear arms, learn martial arts and administer force.

Article 4 The students of this academy must meet the following criteria. Is a virgin. Article 5 This academy can refuse the entry of men and if any forceful entrance is attempted, all students must subjugate the enemy together. Article 6 All actions that take place in this academy will be judged by this constitution. Sexual violence against women is on the rise. Living among us, there is one man, feared by all. But, it is said that this man is aiming higher, to create his own legend. That is, to assault the all girls academy.

Saint Girls Viola School. A different feat entirely from assailing feeble women. To fail will mean death. To be captured will mean an extraterritorial trial. He proceeds in the direction of the academy As they moan and groan, have your way and change position. They thought they were safe in the academy. They were wrong. The animation of course, but also the illustrations, are full of screaming, destruction and despair. They are not just simple 'looped' animation. As things escalate, the animation also changes! The show time starts from when you capture them!

May 11, Stats Ignoring. For some reason, translated h game game fails to load for me, and I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong, but a lot of other folks have had no issues and have talked pretty positive about Amayui Castle Meister.

It seems to score a bit lower than Kamidori Alchemy Meister, but still pretty high on vndb.

Translated h game

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