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StarEis is right. Then, after all this will be done, just go to your "home" cave and the quest will progress. If in doubt - check the quest journal. It's something small like an optional mini-scene with dialogues.

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If you won't pay attention to Mona's needs, she will take care of them herself. You can catch her in the act at the waterfall zone. Well, some quests like "Temple of Fluff" can't be completed in the current version of the game. Journal properly states this with golden text. As for Martha's location, no, she's in the same town as Agatha.

As the quest states, look for her before the inn during the day. Heya, glad you liked Yorna! If you already did it, then don't worry about this since you already beat the game. There's a small new path to the left in the first zone. It will appear once Jack will know about the ogre leader. Yes, you can get all early access versions on my Patreon. If you are talking about the main quest, then after getting all yorna game girls to affection level 2, come back to your home cave and see the cutscene. If I didn't get you right, please give me some more info about your problem.

Is this the one you seek? Youtube has solutions for harder puzzles. I'll fix yorna game without any consequences for saves in the next update. Thanks for the tip! Try to maintain the phone's focus on the installing app and not switch to other apps while it's setting up. Some players reported that this helped them.

Otherwise, you can use any other platform like Windows. It has the same content as the Android version. Glad you liked the game! The combat system is pretty picky with the input, so I'm not sure it will be easy to do.

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Where did this bug happened? The exact zone can make the throubleshooting a lot easier. I got the general idea though and will check it out once I'll be back from the pause yorna game. Yes, I do plan to use at least a bit of changing. If you will help Mudbrick with his idea about a human girl, Mariam will give a comment about possible changes. I plan to make at least one potion that will change Jack's dick for the H scene. The rest will depend on the feedback.

For example, some players didn't like the idea of Mudbrick x Mariam scene. I will think what I can do with the hinst for H scenes. At least, I can make short names for them, so you would know which one belongs to a specific girl. No, I don't plan to make small racoon girls in the close future. Momo is in the niche for small, cute and fluffy :P. The saves will be fine if they were created in v0. The new combat system was implemented in that updated and it was a one-time thing only.

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Yes, some girls will be more interested in Jack after he accomplished something meaningful in the main quests. Yeah, bookcase pushing is a part of her questline. Return to Ayane in the library with runes from that puzzle and this will trigger the next step of her quest. I guess it's Pandarian grotto? It's North of her forest on the global map. The entrance looks like a small patch of forest. Entering it with Ayane's butterfly will allow you to find the grotto.

As for a wild guess, try out the kitsune shrine on the second island - there Ayane's quest there. The main bulk of problems arrived with the new combat system. I plan to return the mobile version someday, but don't have any estimated dates since it all depends on the time I'll need to fix these problems. Because it had problems with the control scheme and performance.

Since, I'm not a pro coder, fixing or even making these problems smaller will take a lot of time. Well, what's the problem? You smack the slime until it's down and don't eat all its attacks. The sword has a separate quest journal entry. The one that clearly states that you can't complete this quest in the current version of the game.

Inside Chrome cache, but you'll need root access to get these files. Yorna game don't recommend doing yorna game if you are not sure what are you doing. Yes, the reward is random. If it takes too long, you can save right before opening the chest and load back if you won't get what you want. Log in Register. Indie game store Free games Fun games Horror games. More Block. Creator of. Add to collection. MonGirl Sexpedition.

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Yeehaw Games. Ouroboros Syndrome. Adult rpgmaker game staged in a cyberpunk setting with animated H scenes. Yorna: Monster Girl's Secret. H RPGMaker game with monster girls. League of Corruption. Yeehaw Games 8 hours ago.

Zero say? You have the yorna game liberty of not doing that quest Yeehaw Games 2 days ago. Yeehaw Games 4 days ago. Check the tavern in the evening. Yeehaw Games 5 days ago. Because he literally is a peasant. His looks will change with his personal growth. It's in their camp. You can return there after kicking them out.

Yeehaw Games 6 days ago. No estimates.

Yorna game

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